Those who reach the leading-edge of the industry know there is a level of demand that exists. At Hermle, we provide true 5-axis milling and best-in-class service, which we believe is paramount for your success. Once you have reached this pinnacle of achievement, it is time to join the winning professionals around the world and Step up to a Hermle.

Our hand-selected network of trusted suppliers ensures that every Hermle machine is built to last and is made out of the highest quality materials. Keeping in mind world-class dynamics, Hermle’s carefully honed and detailed process results in nimble, powerful and exceptionally precise machines that are up to any task and deliver a life-time of winning results. Once you are here, you will quickly realize how we deliver what many call the best machines in the world.
DMARK Corporation

Since 1987, the DMARK has been providing manufacturers with the finest in CNC Machine Tools, Additive Manufacturing Equipment, Facilities Planning and Products, Chip and Coolant Management Systems and Tooling and Production accessories. DMARK’s team of sales and applications engineers, automation equipment specialists and project management professionals, are dedicated to helping our customers realize maximum productivity from their equipment investments. From high-speed 5 -axis CNC milling. to additive manufacturing/3D printing, to precise universal grinding, to CNC Tool and cutter grinding and CMM inspection systems, DMARK is a CNC machine tool leader in Southern California. Many also know us as America’s largest independent distributor of LISTA cabinets, workbenches and workspace systems.


For the most detailed technical updates, click on the featured logos and use the direct links to the machine tool builders and manufacturers represented by DMARK Use the pull down menus on the home page to receive a quotation or request catalogs and prices. For a prompt and personal assistance, call our toll free number:

888-897-9050 (Toll Free) 

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Digital Scan 3D (DS3D) has the experienced staff to perform any 3D scanning task. We have several varieties of Blue Light, White Light and Laser 3D scanners ranging in accuracy from 0.01mm to 0.1mm (0.0003” to 0.004”). When scanning your products, we will select the right technology that delivers the most optimal accuracy, speed and resolution you need for your application.

To obtain the best quality scan, we consider the size, color and reflectivity of the object. We have the capability to scan objects as small as a thumb print and as large as a semi truck. Some of our 3D Scanners capture color at the highest resolution of up to 10 microns (0.0003”). We will recommend the best 3D scanning solutions for the application. For more Information, please contact us.

Parts for 3D scanning can either be shipped to our facility or we can come to you if needed. We have a very fast turnaround time depending on the complexity of a project. We can often guarantee a 24 to 72 hour turnaround time, depending on the project.

We provide industry standard output files:

.STL, .OBJ, .PLY, .WRL, .ASC, .AOP, .PTX, .XYZRGB, .e57